Renting Exotic Sports Cars in Miami

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Popularly regarded as one of the most exiting and luxurious destinations in America, Miami is home to several amazing tourist attractions, beaches and a whole lot of fun spots. It comes as no surprise as to why it has been named the magic city which has also turned out to be tagged as the capital of Latin America. In a city such as this, you can immediately take in the scenery and checkout the exquisite locations and walkways provided. It is definitely one of the most vibrant locations in all of South Florida.

Renting Exotic Sports Cars in Miami

When in Miami, regardless of where you come from, it is important to take part in this vacation spirit and experience the world of luxury on a whole new level. What better way to do this than a high class Miami Exotic Car Rental? Sports cars are the perfect tool for a magnificent time; they come in different sizes and performance levels that allow you to take a pick of that which best suits your needs. Whether you are trying to hit the beach for a calm and fun time, hanging out with friends in a club, or even visiting cultural attractions, you definitely need a ride that showcases pure elegance and suits the environment perfectly. There’s no better way to go than in a exotic car! (more…)

Exclusive Miami Luxury Car Renting

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Exclusive Miami Luxury Car Renting

If there is one thing that abounds in Miami, it is luxury cars. This should come as no surprise seeing as the lifestyle corresponds quite well with the demand that only a well-designed luxury car can provide. This amazing city is home to some of the most exquisite locations to visit and you definitely want to arrive in style everywhere you go. What then happens when you need to get a ride to move around the city without needing to worry about permanent ownership or even having to feel any of the hassle that comes with owning a car? It is therefore advantageous to browse through the catalogues of the luxury car renting services in the city and decide on which one to drive.

There are several car rental services in the city with amazing collections of some of the freshest and sleekest machines. Selecting a luxury car is a decision that can either make or break your visit to the magic city. These cars come in all shapes and sizes and it therefore lies on you to decide what kind of car will be perfect for the purpose for which you are visiting. Miami Exotic Car Rental delivers all of it.


Luxury cars are generally known for their comfort and grandness, but if you are planning to include some variable to the trip then you might want to consider getting a specific trim line or variation that would help you enjoy your stay. The few things to consider include; the number of passengers that the rental car would contain. This is quite important as the vehicle needs to accommodate all passengers and any additional luggage that may be present comfortably. After all, what is a luxury car without the luxury component? (more…)

Rolls Royce: Miami Exotic Car Rental

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Roll Royce Rental in Miami

The Rolls Royce brand brings out a very high class aura to wherever it graces with its appearance. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as it has been so highly reputed over the years as its engine performance, beauty and overall design is something that is yet to be rivalled by any other machine on the road.

Rolls Royce Ghost Rental Miami

When setting out in a city like Miami, one can immediately witness the fast paced lifestyle of the town and while you can decide to live life by your own rules and do your own thing, there are a few times where you just have to let go and join the fun.

See All Miami Rolls Royce Rentals

It is at times like this that the Rolls Royce becomes an impeccable choice. What’s even great about Miami is the magnificent collection of car rental services that abound with a strong focus on luxury and exquisite cars. A quick call to a car rental service can have your favourite car delivered to your doorstep and have you behind the wheel in less than an hour. If you really believe in having a blast or letting your hair down once in a while then it’s probably best to do it right.

From the mature and bedazzling outlook to its overall boisterous appearance, you can be rest assured that when you set out on the streets of the city, you are bound to turn a few heads. Have some fun, drive the Rolls Royce with confidence and never let the excitement die down.

The Miami Exotic Car Rental Team

Maserati: Miami Exotic Car Rental

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Maserati Rental in Miami

It is common for each individual to have their most coveted feature in a car. While some may be out to get a drivetrain that intimidates every other road user, others may look out for a car with the most aesthetically pleasing exterior while a few others may be all about the most exquisite interior.

Maserati Granturismo Convertible Rental Miami

But if there is one thing that we can all agree on, it is that a complete package is always the best. This is perhaps one of the strongest focal points of the Maserati brands. Known for bringing the heat and the style, the Maserati is definitely not for the faint hearted and rightly so. It is not just the perfect choice of luxury car; its performance outshines and outclasses counterparts on the road while the beauty blows everything else out of the water.

See Miami Maserati Rentals

Why then would you want to hit the roads of Miami in anything less than a Maserati? Even without owning a Maserati, you could definitely partake in this amazing experience and get behind the wheel of your favourite car by patronizing any of the car rental services in the fascinating city. This allows you fulfil your wildest dream while tasting what the Maserati as a brand has to offer.

With new models making it out from the brand, you can be rest assured that there is more to come. So get all of that thrill and excitement from the Maserati brand by checking out the catalogue of the car rental services in the town and let the wind cheer you on.

The Miami Exotic Car Rental Team

Porsche: Miami Exotic Car Rental

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Porsche Rental in Miami

Having a nice time in Miami doesn’t have to be that hard. In fact, with the beautiful scenery and absolutely amazing fun locations, all you have to do is show up. However, there may be a few ways for you to turn things up a notch. Miami is home to some of the most exquisite tastes and while all of that could be really overwhelming and expensive, you can definitely have a taste of this lifestyle while on a budget.

Porsche 911 Turbo Rental Miami

Renting out a Porsche in Miami is as easy as making a few calls. There are lots of car rental services in the city that offers an impressive line of cars and can guarantee that you get exactly what you need to look as classy as possible. But then, when seated behind the wheels of a Porsche, you don’t really have to try that hard as the brand seems to do the job of a super car while showing of a suave sense of style.

See Miami Porsche Rentals

With the company incorporating some the latest technological designs and ground-breaking features that make for a comfortable drive, there will be no argument if one were to say that the Porsche was probably designed to cruise the city of Miami.

Things like engine performance and exterior beauty gets handles and all you have to do is lay back and have a good time. With the wide array of new models and trim lines, you can sit back and have a blast. Simply rent a Porsche and let the streets of the city show you what it has to offer.

The Miami Exotic Car Rental Team

McLaren: Miami Exotic Car Rental

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McLaren Rental in Miami

When making a list of the most impressive and high-end sport cars, the McLaren would definitely be a contender for the number one spot. This highly coveted brand has been the manufacturer of some of the most high performing sport cars that produces just as much action as it does swagger. Of course, with a car like McLaren it is impossible to appear like a slob as smartness is its second nature.

McLaren MP4-12C Spider Rental Miami

A quick drive through the city of Miami will reveal some of the most impressive and stylish sports cars you have ever seen. In fact, it could be said that Miami has the best collection of luxury cars. From the colourful beaches to the bars, hotels and fun spots, there really is no limit to the calibre of automobiles in the city.

See Miami McLaren Rentals

The McLaren fits right into this colourful arena of splendour and magnificence and allows you to see some of the best locations in the world. Getting behind the wheels of one doesn’t have to be that expensive either. Miami offers several car rental services that feature impressive collections and allows you to get into any model of the McLaren brand.

With this, you can finally experience the exotic and exhilarating drive that the car is known for and even get to explore some of the most highly rated models in the automobile industry. With a McLaren, there is never a dull moment as the wheels are just as ferocious as they appear.

The Miami Exotic Car Rental Team

Range Rover: Miami Exotic Car Rental

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Range Rover Rental in Miami

Widely reputed as the fun capital of the world, Miami is a city filled with lots of amazing locations, fun getaways and some of the perfect hangout spots in the planet. Whether you live in the city, visiting during vacation or even coming in on a business trip, you can be rest assured that the city has something for you.

Range Rover Sport Rental Miami

Perhaps one of the most interesting wonders is the diverse personality that one is bound to find. The amazing collection of people makes it possible for you to experience just about any lifestyle you want and take a breath of fresh air from your normal routine. Alongside this impressive diversity is another captivating component of the city; the vast array of cars and automobiles.

See Miami Range Rover Rentals

It would seem as though the city is one big car show as the streets of Miami exposes you to some of the most desired and coveted cars around the world. You get a perfect view of all sorts of cars and machines without having to go too far. Among this impressive collection is the Range Rover. Having lauded its superiority over other car brands, the Range Rover need not compete for attention. It simply shows up and takes its spot in the lead.

With some of the latest cars from the range rover brand, you can fit right into any environment and catch all the fun in the world. Even through the range rover doesn’t always come cheap, you can always take part in this lifestyle and explore different models at great prices. The city offers several car rental services that gives you access to the latest range rover brand and puts you behind the wheel in no time at all. When driving through the streets of Miami, the Range Rover is the only way to go.

The Miami Exotic Car Rental Team

Mercedes: Miami Exotic Car Rental

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Mercedes Rental in Miami

Widely known for its boisterous and stylish car finishing, the Mercedes brand is something of an enigma in the automobile industry. With exquisite beauty and extraordinary brawn, you could definitely say that the brand is the embodiment of a complete package. It is definitely the kind of brand from which you want to pick out a car to drive in a city like Miami.

Mercedes-Benz Maybach S600 Rental Miami

Whether it is an official event or a fun time out at the clubs in Miami, you always want to make sure that you show up looking ready to dominate and no other car does that like the Mercedes. You will be impressed that the latest models from the brand are built with some of the latest and never-seen-before technicalities that take you to a new plane once you get behind the wheel.

See Miami Mercedes Rentals

Hit the road in something that speaks class and high fashion by picking out a car from any of the newest models being released by the company. The name and reputation wasn’t built out of nothing as it has been proven that the company delivers on its promise of exhilarating performance.

You can get in on all of this without having to go looking for a car to buy. Simply get in touch with any car rental service of your choice and you can have them recommend the perfect drive train for your personality. Regardless of the car you decide on, one thing is for sure, the Mercedes fits right in to every situation.

The Miami Exotic Car Rental Team

Cadillac: Miami Exotic Car Rental

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Cadillac Rental in Miami

Cadillac has been around for a long time. Perhaps the most amazing thing about this is that each installment and new release have been so ground-breaking and adaptive that other car brands would have to look up to them for tips on creating the perfect drive train. It is little wonder as to why the Cadillac has stood the test of time seeing as it is a perfect mix of class, elegance and superiority.

Cadillac Escalade ESV Rental Miami

Even in a city like Miami that offers you the perfect sight of a mixture of the freshest cars, beautiful sunlight and an amazing climate for a vacation, the Cadillac topples other counterparts and intimidates with its appearance alone. Featuring some of the boldest features, high performing engines and magnificent exterior styling, it is safe to say that Miami is the perfect arena to drive a Cadillac.

See Miami Cadillac Rentals

And what’s even better? You don’t have to restrict yourself to a single model! The numerous car rental services available in the city allows you to place orders for your most coveted machines and gives you first-hand experience of what it feels like to be behind its wheel.

Renting a Cadillac in Miami is as easy as picking up the phone and making a call. The rest of the excitement is up to you. You can hit the beach, drive through boulevards or go for a relaxing drive in any model you want. It really is up to you. Just don’t hesitate to get moving.

The Miami Exotic Car Rental Team

Lamborghini: Miami Exotic Car Rental

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Lamborghini Rental in Miami

Home to some of the most exotic collection of cars, Miami is a widely recognized city for fun and festivities. What better way to hit the road in such a terrain than a Lamborghini? The brand has established itself as a high ranking choice of automobile and you would definitely fit right into this display of style and absolute class.

Lamborghini Huracán Rental Miami

Even if you don’t own a Lamborghini or reside in the town, you could definitely partake in this lifestyle without having to break the bank or save up for one. The city of Miami offers you a wide array of exotic car rental services where you can take your pick of the newest or even vintage(if that’s your thing)Lamborghini car. Equipped with the machine of your choice, you can hit any of the many fun spots that the city has to offer and look absolutely magnificent while you’re at it.

See Miami Lamborghini Rentals

Patronizing a car rental service allows you to view the catalogue of the brand while taking note of the best features you want and getting it all in one package. Lamborghini brings you all of the excitement, beauty and performance. Whoever said you couldn’t have it all definitely didn’t know how to go about it.

From the well know models to even some of the newest trim lines, you can definitely make the most of your time in the city. If you are looking to rent a car in Miami, then there’s no doubt that a Lamborghini is the perfect choice.

The Miami Exotic Car Rental Team

Press Release for Miami Exotic Car Rental

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For immediate release.


Introducing Miami Exotic Car Rental, a Rental Service with the Largest Selection of Exclusive Vehicles

Summary: Miami Exotic Car Rental is a Miami luxury vehicle rental service that revolutionizes its niche. With its largest selection of exclusive cars in the country, the service welcomes everyone who wants to enjoy a truly memorable ride.

Miami Exotic Car Rental

Despite the economic instability, the luxury car rental business holds strong today. The industry is steadily growing and experts predict it to reach $23.2 billion by 2022. Compared to $8.6 billion in 2014, that’s a huge leap that proves the business does have a bright future. It’s made all the brighter for the residents and guests of Miami, the leading tourist destination in the US. From now on, every person there can enjoy a ride in an exclusive luxury vehicle that’ll fit any taste. Miami Exotic Car Rental, a rental service that recently started its operation, offers the largest selection of the most incredible vehicles in the world.

The company’s fleet contains a selection of:

  • Sports cars
  • Exotic cars
  • Luxury cars
  • Luxury SUVs

The list of available car brands is a balm to the soul of any car-junkie as the company offers anything from Lamborghini and Bugatti to Aston Martin and Bentley.

This fine selection of exotic luxury car rental in Miami is available at The website also allows one to check the vehicle’s availability immediately.

Luxury Exotic Car Rental Miami Finest Selection & Service: Is Miami Exotic Car Rental for Real?

The 214.4% of the yearly industry growth means that new rental companies appear all the time. The level of competition in this niche is huge, so one has to do something really drastic to stand out. Miami Exotic Car Rental chose two of the most customer-friendly features to focus on.

The service’s title as the holder of the most versatile exclusive car fleet immediately draws attention. It promises to provide some of the rarest models, which are difficult to find and even harder to hire because these cars usually have a huge waiting list.

The other advantage of this company is that its exotic car rental Miami hourly rates are rather reasonable. The huge fleet comes in handy here as well because it contains more affordable options as well as some of the most expensive vehicles on the planet.

Their thorough focus on versatility and affordability makes Miami Exotic Car Rental stand out among the dozens of luxury car rentals operating in Miami. One can easily verify the reliability of this rental and their rates by visiting the company’s website. The customer service is on par with the vehicles in the company’s fleet. As Miami Exotic Car Rental is used to working with international tourists, they offer assistance in procuring a license necessary for driving in the state of Florida.

Ferrari: Miami Exotic Car Rental

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Ferrari Rental in Miami

Not a lot of cars exude the red fiery appeal like the Ferrari brand. Being one of the leading manufacturers of sports car, you could definitely refer to it as the sport car giant and you wouldn’t be wrong. Perhaps, the most fitting environment for a car of this caliber is the city of Miami. Beaches, clubs and bars, you definitely want to look your best when you show up and the Ferrari does just that for you.

Ferrari 458 Spider Rental Miami

There are lots of fun spots to see in the city of Miami and if there is one thing that is common to them all, it is the taste of exotic cars and astounding automobile that you get to witness. Starting off from the beautiful weather to the fleet of luxury cars you encounter, you certainly want to go for the best choice of drive train when hitting the road.

See Miami Ferrari Rentals

The cosmopolitan playground awakens that desire to liven up your time in the city and turn a few heads with an engineering wonder. The great thing about the city of Miami is the vast array of luxury car rental services that are provided and allows you to get some time alone with the car of your dream.

Forget about the restriction that buying a car brings or even the thought process that may be involved in processing full ownership. When in Miami, you could easily rent out the latest Ferrari brand from a car rental service and take it for a spin.

The Miami Exotic Car Rental Team

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